15 most asked questions about Guadeloupe by English speakers


15 most asked questions about guadeloupe by english speakers

1) Who governs Guadeloupe ? 

The word "governs" is not the most judicious. Guadeloupe is a French territory and is subject to the laws of the French Republic. Our president is the same as for mainland France, who is currently Emmanuel Macron.

2) Guadeloupe which country ?

Guadeloupe is part of France.

3) Is Guadeloupe safe ?

Guadeloupe is a good-living archipelago. Of course, there are many things that revolt us such as the cost of living (to name a few) and which could lead to a strike, various facts like everywhere in the world. Like anyone going on a trip, take your precautions, respect and follow the advice of the locals. Keep up to date with the news from our local media which will be better able to give you reliable information.

Local media: RCI Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe 1ère, France-Antilles Guadeloupe

4) Who owns Guadeloupe ?

The word "owns" is not the most judicious. Guadeloupe is part of France.

5) Which continent is Guadeloupe located ? 

North America

6) Which is bigger Guadeloupe or Martinique ?


Guadeloupe's area:  1 628,43 km²

Martiniques's area: 1 128 km²

7) Who discovered Guadeloupe ?

The first inhabitants of Guadeloupe were the Amerindians (from 3000 BC), Arawaks, Kalinagos / Caraibes.

It was only in 1493 that it was known by Europeans (Christopher Columbus).

8) What is Guadeloupe known for ? 

Caribbean is a part of the world that makes you dream, it is well known. It is the same for Guadeloupe which conceals magnificent landscapes. Beaches more sublime than each other, waterfalls, greenery, sunshine all year round and so on!

Guadeloupe is known for its gastronomy with its national sandwiches which are the bokit and the agoulou, its dishes such as the colombo de poulet ou cabrit, fricassé de lambi, Ti fig é trip, calalou, dombrés, tourments d'amour, kassaves, sorbets au coco and many others. All equally exquisite.

Being a people from different origins such as African, Indian, Lebanese, Syrian etc; Guadeloupe has a rich culture! Many annual events are organized (including the carnival), by the architecture of the houses (in particular the Cases créoles), the languages, the different musical genres.

You can learn more over the blog.

9) Where are Guadeloupe islands ?

Guadeloupe islands are located in the Caribbean. More precisely in the Lesser Antilles.

10) What are Guadeloupe major cities ?

The major cities in Guadeloupe are:

By area

Petit-Bourg, Sainte-Rose and Capesterre-Belle-Eau.

By number of inhabitants

Les Abymes, Baie-Mahault and Le Gosier.

11) Guadeloupe how big ?

Guadeloupe has an area of ​​1628 km². That is approximately the area of ​​the city of São Paulo (1521 km²) for example.

12) Is Guadeloupe an african country ?


The territory of Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean area. That is 4,715 km from Dakar (Senegal, the nearest African country).

13) Guadeloupe nearby islands ?

The closest islands to Guadeloupe are:

To the North: Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

In the South: Dominica, Martinique.

14) Guadeloupe nearest airport ? 

The main airport of the archipelago of Guadeloupe islands is located in the city of Les Abymes. It's the only one that accommodates long-haul flights. However, it is identified by being in Pointe-à-pitre city  (code PTP). The international (airport is called: "Guadeloupe Aéroport - Pôle Caraïbes". 

15) Guadeloupe without a car ? 

It is essential to have a car to visit Guadeloupe. Especially mainland Guadeloupe (butterfly-shaped). The smaller islands of the archipelago such as Les Saintes can be visited by two-wheeled vehicle, for example.


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